About The Wakili Brief

Wakili: Paul Nzengu
        I am a Lawyer by training, having received my law instruction in law from three jurisdictions (read that countries) Kenya, India and the United States of America. I am also an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Kenya. My desire to share the knowledge that I have through simplifying legal issues for the community, is what drove me to setup this page. That being said, in Law school they trained us on how and where to find the law and as such I believe as a lawyer, I can be able to offer my services on most legal issues.
“WAKILI” means a Lawyer, in Swahili. Through “The Wakili Brief”, I will seek to discuss, explain and simplify court cases, legal opinions and current affairs for the lay person. The information and discussions shared will be of a general nature and not intended to be legal advice. The same shall not also constitute any form of an attorney-client relationship, unless otherwise agreed upon. Information should also not be relied upon to take or refrain from taking any legal and/or non-legal action;I am not your attorney. You should Therefore seek the advice of competent counsel in the relevant practice area before taking any action.
          In case any information is shared with “The Wakili Brief” and such information is intended to be confidential, I undertake to not share such information except with the authorized permission of its originator.
          Comments and/or replies to “The Wakili Brief” are welcome and will be moderated (where possible) before they appear on “The Wakili Brief” page. Comments will not be allowed if they contravene the “The Wakili Brief“ policy, are obscene or defamatory. They should also not consist of ad hominem attacks on the author(s) or other comment-posters. Comments should be aimed at making a constructive contribution to the discussion on which they purport to comment.
Asante na Karibu sana. Thank You